Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Baby knitting

When I announced that I am expecting a month ago, I got a lot of comments from people saying: "can't wait to see all the baby knits!" and I felt the same way, there is pretty much nothing I like more than an adorable baby knit. But alas... I have only knit one thing for the baby since finding out we had a baby on board (the awesome little sweater in my announcement post). What's holding me back? This:


Here is my pile of baby knits. Things that I've knit as samples, or just because I liked the pattern and wanted to knit it, thinking a recipient would present itself eventually. So you see, I'm pretty well stocked as far as baby knits go! 


Since we've opted to keep the baby's gender a surprise, there are a few gender specific items in these piles that may not get used, like that Clara dress... may not use that much if we have a boy ;) but other than that, most of these little items are pretty gender neutral! Especially since I don't have a problem dressing a baby girl in blue or putting a little baby boy in a sweater with a smidge of pink in it. 


All the sweaters in the photo above are wee, they will probably fit somewhere between 0-6 months. And all the sweaters in the photo below are a tad bigger, for a 6 month old or older. Honestly, who can really tell when it comes to baby sizes anyway... they'll all fit at some point!

Even though I have quite the wardrobe for my baby already, I do plan on adding to it. Baby definitely needs more hats for one thing, and booties! Since our baby is making his/her appearance in April, we will likely not get a lot of sweater for the first 6 months, so I plan on focussing on knits that baby can where over the winter next year. 


As always, things are crazy busy around here, I don't expect to have much free selfish baby knitting time between now and Christmas, but it's quite comforting to know that my baby will still be well dressed even if mom is too busy to spend the next 5 months knitting for him/her!

psst :: my new baby sweater pattern (pictured on the right of the above photo) will be ready soon!