Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tour De Fleece Wrap Up

Week 1 of the Tour de Fleece was a huge success in my books. I spun 3 skeins, over a thousand yards, and was feeling great! I had high hopes that I could maintain that pace throughout the 3 week Tour. But... Ah, life. Stuff happened. A baby was born, weekends were occupied with day trips to visit her, my parents were helping out and that meant that Chris and I moved over to my parents house to take care of the dogs and the cat. I was away from my wheel for too long and production slowed down. Actually, production pretty much stopped. 

Week 2 got off to an ok start. I spun this gorgeous Coloured Denim roving into this beautiful skein; 100g = 350yds. 

coloured denim

Then I started working on this braid of Jazz Hands, unfortunately I only made it half way through the singles before life got busy. 

jazz hands

Even though the Tour is now over, I still plan on finishing up that last skein as soon as I can. I think that it just might end up being me favourite skein yet. With lots of variety in colours, it could either be really cool, or really weird, either way, I can't wait to find out!