Monday, 9 July 2012

Club thoughts

It's already time to start planning for next year's Year In Colour Club. There has been some talk about it in the TFA Ravelry group, and I'm considering doing something a little bit different for 2013.

So far I've focused on fingering weight yarns for the Club, with the idea being that each skein is so versatile that the possibilities are really endless. However I'm thinking that next year we'll branch out and feature a different TFA yarn base each month, so you'd get to sample 6 different bases throughout the year. Pretty cool right?

I'd really love to hear your thoughts on this. Would you like to see a more diverse yarn Club, or do you like the versatility of fingering weight skeins? Are the patterns a deal breaker for you, or would you be interested in a yarn only Club? If you do want patterns, must they be printed, or would you prefer to receive digital copies? And what about price point, so far I've done my best to keep the price down by focussing on more affordable bases (mainly blue label) but by diversifying and including more expensive yarns (like Orange Label, Pink Label and Silver Label) I'd have to increase the price.

All ideas, suggestions, opinions are welcome! I really need your help!

Oh, and I should mention, I have considered running two Clubs simultaneously, however I'm pretty confident that it's more than I could manage... I've got other ideas about how to make more one of a kind skeins and patterns available but for now I'm focussing on one Club at a time.

Looking forward to hearing what you all think!
baby blanket yarn
Pretty yarn shot!