Monday, 2 July 2012

Etsy Update!

There will be a pretty big Etsy Update tomorrow night, July 3rd, at 7pm EST. I'll be listing a whole lot of Blue, Purple and Red Label (maybe you want to pick something up for a special Stella Collection project!?) There will also be more of the March merino/silk Club base, some Orange Label and lots of amazing roving. Chris and I spent Saturday in the studio dyeing roving and we cranked out some real gems. Honestly, I might just keep them all for myself, so forget what I just said about lots of roving... there may only be a few braids left to spare! 

July 2012 Etsy update

Above are a bunch of the Blue Label colourways in this update, and what I think is super cool is that they all started out as the same orange colour! I was experimenting with oranges, trying to get something earthy and pumpkiny, and I ended up with a few batches of not-quite-right orange. So I tossed them all into a few different colours (brighter orange, pink, blue and green) and got all those awesome layered shades. Isn't that so fun? 

In other news Kelly over at the lovely CelticCastOn blog is doing a review and a giveaway of the Stella Collection this week, so go check that out and leave a comment for your chance to win! 

Also, I've shared a knitting nightmare story in the most recent Never Not Knitting podcast. Go take a listen and find out how I made my cousin's life miserable by knitting for her baby! There's also a chance to win a few special skeins of yarn there too! So much excitement going on!