Monday, 16 July 2012

Annika - my niece

Here she is! My beautiful new niece Annika. Chris and I made the trip to Ottawa yesterday to meet her and fell head over heals in love. She's 4 days old and just the cutest little chickadee I've ever seen. 
Hello baby!
Annika's funny faces
Babies make the craziest faces! 
We love our new niece!
Chris and I are completely smitten with our new goddaughter.
Annika's feet!
Would you just look at those feet! Remember these booties?
My brother is a dad! Crazy.
I can't believe my brother is a dad. And a great dad! They're wearing matching outfits!
The Happy Family
The happy family. Beautiful.
Everyone is doing well. Luke and Amanda are settling right in to parenthood, they're naturals! Baby Annika sleeps like a champ and spends most of the day just dosing and making the most ridiculously adorable faces. 

Oh, and she loves her booties. ;)