Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Knits for Julie's baby!

Remember the 2012 baby boom I mentioned in a recent blog post? Well, among the special couples expecting their first child this year is our very own Julie! Though she has one of the later due dates, she was the person I was the most excited to knit for! Sure, there's extra pressure when knitting for a knitter, she would be able to spot any errors or has a very keen knitterly eye, but on the flip side, as a knitter you know that she's going to appreciate all the hard work involved in even the tiniest little baby sweater! I was also excited to knit for Julie because we know she's having a girl! And baby girl knits are just about the cutest things ever. 

Clara button

When I hear the words "baby" and "girl" in the same sentence my brain immediately jumps to the Clara Dress. I've now knit this dress three times and it never disappoints! Julie's favorite colour is green, so she got a pretty, light green dress with a sparkly turquoise button. 

Peacock Sunnyside

And what baby's wardrobe would be complete without a Sunnyside Baby sweater? I knit this one in Purple Label Cashmere Sock yarn (because baby + cashmere = amazing) in the Peacock colourway. Girls can wear blue too! I'm sure that she'll have plenty of pink, and while I completely support that I thought I'd add a pop of blue to the mix since it's my favorite colour. 

Enjoy these knits Julie! Can't wait to meet baby Crawford!