Friday, 17 February 2012

Blank Canvas Baby Sweater

Thank you so much to everyone who left me feedback about what they'd like to see on the blog. I think that the general consensus is that I should blog about whatever I feel like sharing, and that definitely works for me! It will certainly remain mostly knitting, because that's what I spend the most time on, but I'll feel better blogging a bit more randomly knowing that you guys support me!

Blank Canvas infant sweater

Have I mentioned that my inner circle of friends and family is experiencing a serious baby boom? Five of my nearest and dearest are expecting their first bundles of joy in the coming months (including my very own brother!!! First baby in the family, we're so excited!) So, obviously, I've been doing my part to make sure that these babies all come into the world with no shortage of wooly wardrobe options! I've been knitting baby gear like crazy, and I'm loving it. I've said it before and I'll say it again, knitting for babies ranks very high on my list of favorite types of knitting. The projects are usually so quick and so adorable! I've completed several baby knits that I haven't been able to blog about yet because the recipients haven't received them yet. 

Blank Canvas infant sweater

This is a little number I've been working on that I'm calling the "Blank Canvas Baby Sweater". The construction is based on a favorite little sweater that my mom had for my siblings and I when we were infants. It's a simple tube up to the armholes, then continues straight up for the front and back. The neckline is left wide open so it fits easily over giant baby heads and fastens shut with buttons (or leave it  un-fastened if your baby favours a boatneck look.) This pattern is such a simple shape that it got me thinking about how cute it would look with some fancy colourwork. I've cast on for a second Blank Canvas sweater, this time using a 4 seasons hat kit! I'm working on the sleeve now and I should have this one finished very soon. I can't wait to block this guy, blocking colourwork makes all the difference in the world!

Spring baby sweater

I got so excited about how great this project is for using up leftover fingering weight yarn that even though I'm not finished my Spring sweater yet, I immediately dove into the stash and picked out a sweet palette of pastels to start on a third sweater right away. This one will be simple stripes again. Two of the colourways I'm using (the one that I've cast on with and the pastel rainbow ball in the center back) are so old that I think I dyed them with kool-aid when I first started experimenting with dyeing. Crazy! 

pastel baby sweater

I have no idea who I'm going to give these sweaters to, I have no shortage of possible recipients! For now, I'll just keep knitting baby items and pick recipients later. 

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Have a great weekend!