Friday, 3 February 2012

Club - January 2012

Flying in formation
The 2012 edition of the TFA Year in Colour Club has officially launched! The first installment of Club kits have all gone out and (I think) all been received! We have a lot more members this year then last, but I managed to get all the kits out on schedule thanks to lots of help from mom. We kicked off the year with something a little bit different for me, a brown colourway I've called Truffle. I think that most people associate TFA with bright colours, lots of blue, so doing something a bit more subdued and earthy hopefully surprised (and delighted!) a few members. Don't worry, there will surely be some brights and probably even a blue colourway sent out sometime this year, but for January, I chose to do something different. 

Flying in formation
The accompanying pattern, designed by Hannah Fettig, is the Flying in Formation scarf. Simple and beautiful with a nice dose of texture, exactly what we've come to expect from Hannah. This first shipment also included a bonus tote bag which I'm quite excited about. I'll share a photo in a separate blog post, today it's all about the yarn and pattern!

Truffle colourway
This photo doesn't quite capture the true colour of the skein, it's darker and more purple/less red in real life.

It's not too late to sign up for the Club! Sign up now and receive your January Club kit with the next shipment in March.