Sunday, 17 April 2011

More blanket news

Seems like I spend every weekend working on a blanket and then blogging about a blanket these days... I think that's because I tend to spend the week working on more pressing projects, and then on the weekend I can sit, relax, and work on a never ending blanket project while I watch PBS. Last weekend was no exception, it was a blankety weekend. I started by washing and "Gleening" my mitered square afghan, and I am really excited about the results. 

This is the blanket after two years of heavy use, in desperate need of a hair cut:

Mitered square blanket, after close to 2 years of use, needed a hair cut badly!

And this is the same blanket after a trip through the gentle cycle of my washing machine and a good 20 minutes of what I lovingly refer to as "gleening".

Mitered square blanket, after a hair cut, perfect!

It really is as good as new! I was amazed at the results. The blanket is knit in Elann peruvian highland wool, 100% non-superwash wool. The colours are beautiful, the price was right, but it was bound to pill. I was resigned to it, but I'll admit, the blanket was looking very tired. While making a delivery to a LYS a while ago, my mom and I picked up a Gleener, and I think it's changed my life. The results are perfect, the blanket has been given a second life! "Gleening" has officially become an accepted verb in my house, like "googling", and I now run around my house looking for new things to "gleen". 

And, since it is the weekend and I'm feeling very blankety, I plan on spending some time with my current blanket in progress, my Flowers in the Snow crocheted afghan. 

Flowers in the snow - we're getting there!

It is currently 12 x 13 squares! I'm very close to reaching my 12 x 16 square goal, then it'll be border time.