Monday, 14 December 2009

Some Spinning

Not much to say today. My Dipped Infinity/Fiddlehead Mitten inspired sweater is coming along. Maybe by the end of the week I'll have an interesting progress shot to show, right now it's just a grey tube. I've also started a pair of Leyburns in Prism, but there's not much to show there either. I've pretty much completely sorted out my stash! I took everything out, photographed it all, and have uploaded the photo's to Flickr. It was an interesting experience. I thought that I had way more useless stuff, that I would end up with a garbage bag full of yarn to give away, but I don't...Great!

Last weeks spinning is has been plied and skeined and an soaked. 100g, 210yds. Lovely and bouncy, but not as soft as the merino I'm used to spinning. Still, very lovely. I don't think that I used the batt to it's highest potential, it had more distinct lights and darks in the batt, but I didn't have a good enough plan when I spun the singles and ended up with a much more blended/muddy result. Next time I'll have to be more careful if I want to really highlight the differences in colour. Lesson learnt.

I also made a pair of slippers today. I just couldn't resist. I'll felt them tomorrow and hope that it all works out! Felting makes me nervous.