Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Web Site

Woohoo! I have a website!!! Check it out

I feel like I keep making excuses about why I'm so busy, this time of year there's always Christmas to blame, but really, this is the reason. Chris and I have been working at it for what seems like months! But really intensely for a couple of weeks. Now it's up and let's all cross our fingers that things go smoothly from here!

The website also means that now my blog has a new home. Here at I hope that it's not too hard for readers to find, I don't think that google reader is going to update it automatically, but hopefully no one will be left behind.

My favorite thing about the site is that it's in Canadian dollars, and that you can see all of my colours at once. (You may also notice a few new colours in there, but more on that another day.)

This is a very exciting day for me, I feel like I've reached a new level. Thanks to everyone who has helped me get here!