Wednesday, 16 December 2009


I finished my French Press Slippers. I felted them in my mom's top loading washing machine yesterday and it worked perfectly. I had my doubts about my felting abilities, I've tried before and failed, but the pattern included clear instructions, and when they came out perfect I was so impressed! Now I want to felt everything! Well, maybe not everything, but I would like to take another stab at making a felted bucket. (My first attempt was not successful, it didn't make the blog.)

I made fabric covered buttons for these funky slippers. I think that these may be gifted, but I haven't decided yet. I can think of a lot of people who would really like these, they are a perfect gift. I'll definitely be making more, but maybe not right away. I love this bright turquoise, but I think that the style works better in more natural tones, they have a vintage quality to them, the next pair I make will be less bright and more vintage.

Speaking of slippers. I'm a little conflicted. Today I was shopping at Loblaws and even though I had a brand new pair of slippers at home, I couldn't resist buying this cute cabled, pom-pommed pair from Joe Fresh.

I think that they're sweet! They have a grippy bottom, are machine washable, are stylish and comfy and cost $8, less than the cost of the wool for the ones I made. Joe Fresh makes it so hard to resist!

***Edited to add: I have been wearing my new Joe Fresh slippers for about an hour and have already managed to spill some blue dye on them while working... good news is I don't feel bad about it, I think it adds a bit of funk to the look.