Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Holiday Haze

Ah the holidays... I milked this holiday season as much as I could. I moved out to my parents house along with the rest of my siblings for a total of 8 days! We baked, watched a lot of movies, played games, read, ate and pretty much lazed around in our pj's the majority of the time. It was awesome.

If I wasn't in my pj's I was almost certainly in my new sweater! Thanks so much to everyone who left such nice comments and who are so encouraging! I love this sweater, and it really makes my day to know that other people love it too! I don't plan on publishing the pattern because the yoke portion is entirely taken from cosmicpluto's dipped infinity scarf pattern, which she has for sale on her site, so it's just not my pattern to publish. A little bit of math to figure out your gauge and how many stitches to cast on, along with Elizabeth's Zimmerman's percentage system and the scarf pattern, you too could make your own sweater!

This year my 91 year old grandmother made the trip from Truro, Nova Scotia to Montreal all by herself to join us for Christmas. She is incredible. She has very poor eyesight, but can still knit entire garments almost exclusively by feel. I gave her an early Christmas gift of my Green Label Aran weight yarn in Peacock for her to knit herself a sweater in.

I think that I inherited my love of blue from my grandmother. She loves it! Probably even more than I do, which is really saying something. By yesterday she had complete the back, one sleeve and was working on the second sleeve. Awesome.

I didn't do much knitting over the holidays, with the exception of one last gift that needed to be knit, a Koolhaas for my soon to be brother in law Richie in Stormy (which I finished on the 24th and didn't take a picture of before gifting! I'll try and snap a shot of him wearing it the next time I see him.) I knit Richie a Koolhaas for Christmas 2 years ago, and haven't seen him wear any other hat since. His first version was starting to look a little ratty, so I decided he needed a new one, but when I saw him on boxing day, he was still wearing his old hat! He said that he wasn't ready to part with it yet... boys!

Inspired by how nice and quick and simple Richie's hat is, I've cast on for another Koolhaas, this time for myself in Punta Yarns Mirasoft. This yarn is really soft, and a very saturated beautiful cobalt colour. It will make a great hat.

This photo is just too sweet not to share. This is Stella snuggling with my parents dog Chase. She loves him and loves being close to him. He is so gentle and though I'm not sure he appreciates her warmth as much as she appreciates his, he tolerates her cuddling.

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!