Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Shades of Grey

A stack of beautiful grey swatches. Some ideas that have already been explored in depth, others that I'm itching to really dig my teeth into.
A pile of beautiful greys (and a touch of pink!) These colours were sitting together in my bin and I had to play with them. I settled on a simple hat, no pattern, just stitched away until I had this.
Pattern: Improvised.
Yarn: TFA Green Label Aran Weight Yarn in "Almost Dove", Chris Grey, Perfect Pink (ooak) and Sand.
Ravelry project page here.

I'm loving the subtle tones, the subtle shifts in colour, the subtle scallops. 
It looks cute in pictures perched back on my head like in the photo's above, but in real life I wear my hats pulled over my ears like in the photo below. Might be a little less stylish, but it's a lot more warm and comfortable for me to wear them that way. Plus the brim frames my eyebrows nicely... so, there's that.
We are in week #5 of our basement reno. While we're counting weeks I'll also add that we are less than 3 weeks away from my due date. Lots of excitement! I keep waddling down to the basement where our amazing contractors are working hard, and I'll rub my belly, pretending like I have questions to ask them but really I'm just making sure that they get the hint that I'm super pregnant and super eager for them to wrap it up so I can get my house (and laundry room!) back. I think that my not-so-subtle hints are working because they brought in a few extra guys today and have promised to be outta here by the end of the week. The space looks fantastic, it will all be worth it, I just have a few more days of chaos to deal with before I can let my nesting/cleaning/organizing instincts run wild and get our entire house back in better shape then ever.

By now we've lived through a few pretty major reno's and I think that I handle them quite well. I actually kind of love them. I love designing a new space, I love seeing that space being torn apart and then magically be put back together. I LOVE designing tile schemes! Mixing high and low, maybe adding a pop of colour in an unexpected place to make the space seem really customized and cared about. 

What I don't love about reno's is all the physical and mental clutter that is involved. It seems to take over my whole brain leaving me with very little mental energy left over to devote to anything else. I can only handle simple knits at the moment. Anything more is just too much. I can feel the reno-chaos and accompanying mental fog slowly lifting and I am ready to tackle some new projects. Probably nothing too monumental since as soon as the reno-fog lifts the new-baby-fog will settle in big time I'm sure! We'll just take it day by day. As long as I have pretty skeins of yarn to calm my nerves when I need them I think that we'll all be just fine.