Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Do you remember this beautiful scarf from January 2011? Oh, what high hopes I had for this scarf. I expected it to be "the one" the scarf that I wore all the time, my go to, perfect and elegant scarf. Well, not so much. Upon completing this scarf I expressed a bit of concern about the fact that it rolled in on itself. I hoped that it would be manageable, but it wasn't. So I never wore it... maybe only once or twice when it was brand new. 

The yarn was too pretty to give up on, so I finally frogged this bad boy and have a new plan for the yarn. Another attempt at the perfect scarf, I'll keep you posted! 

reclaimed koigu

Isn't that center photo awesome? That's what the yarn looked like immediately after frogging! A good soak and it relaxed back to it's initial state. I love all those crinkly strands, reminds me of when I used to get my mom to braid my hair when it was wet and after a night of sleeping on it I'd wake up with the best crimped do!