Wednesday, 22 April 2009

not a green thumb

I'm not much of a green thumb, so I've decided to stick to succulents. I didn't have any plants for a while for several reasons, we have no space, since the yarn (and now Chris's beloved bike) have taken over our apartment we have little available floor or counter space, making it difficult to have plants. Secondly, Stella ate my last plant that I had managed to keep alive for 2 years! Seeing as how Stella's pretty much all grown up now and far better behaved then she used to be, I decided that it was time to welcome plants back in to our lives. We do have one deep and available windowsill, so that's where they live.

I only have one attractive pot, the two plants sitting on yogurt lids will get lovely pots soon. We have aloe, practical, beautiful and I'm told easy to maintain. Jade, also beautiful and very hardy, plus my mom had a beautiful jade plant when I was growing up that she bought as a small plant and by the time it died (like 20 years later) it was huge and stunning! The jade replaces the plant that Stella ate, I bought one when Chris and I first moved in together hoping that I'd have it for as long as my mom had hers and I'd tell my kids someday that I bought it when Chris and I first shared a home, but Stella crushed that sentimental plan. The last one, and I think the cutest, is some sort of adorable hot pink cactus! I might get more of these and have a cactus garden, it's so sweet.

Check out this site for more amazing succulents!