Monday, 17 February 2014

my knitting nook

This is wear I do 99.9% of my knitting. In this corner of the sofa, with telephone, remote controls and knitting baskets just an arms length away. I keep small WIP's in the basket on the left, all of my essential knitting tools in the wooden bowl and miscellaneous patterns and papers in the basket on the right. 
The above shot includes literally all of my essential knitting tools (the ones in the above mentioned wooden bowl). I have 1 pair of scissors, 1 calculator and believe it or not 1 set of darning needles (there are 2 in the pack, but I've only ever used 1 of them). Considering the amount of knitting I do I think that I've managed to keep my knitting supplies extremely paired down. I hold absolutely no judgement towards those who have a thing for gear and who have 500 sets of stitch markers, but I've somehow never gotten sucked into it and have managed to get through about a decade of knitting without losing my one darning needle. Even when I bring my knitting out and about with me and need to grab my scissors and tape measure I'll take these and then promptly put them back in my bowl when I get home. Crazy right?
And then there is the rest of it... the needles, the buttons. All of these things live in a few baskets in a cabinet in my living room. I'm not sure that I've ever shared a full shot of the fireplace that Chris and I built in to our living room (I should get on that, we love it!) we built a cabinet on one side, and Rowan recently took it upon himself to necessitate my reorganizing of it. I pulled out all the buttons and the needles, tidied them up and put them away nice and neat. That was about two weeks ago and the cabinet is still looking as it should. It feels very good to know that at least one corner of my crafting zone is as it should be! Don't even get me started on my office. I have made exactly zero progress on my big office makeover project… boo!