Wednesday, 6 November 2013

TFA Holiday KAL


This entry was also posted in the TFA Holiday KAL thread in my Ravelry group, if you want to skip right ahead to joining the KAL then head on over to Ravelry!
How do we feel about doing another Holiday Knitting KAL this year? Last year we ran two KAL’s, one for accessories and one for gifts, and there was so much overlap that this year I say we throw them both together and call it one big Happy Holiday Accessory Knitting KAL!!! Even if you are knitting an accessory for yourself, to me that totally counts, you deserve to spoil yourself too!
So, here are the rules:
Cast on is next Friday November 15th and cast off is Friday Dec. 20th. That’s 5 whole weeks to get as much holiday knitting done as you can! And it leaves you a few days to rest up before Christmas. ;)
Projects must use TFA yarn to knit an accessory gift (for yourself or someone else).
Bonus entry if you use a TFA pattern!
There will be a draw at the end of the KAL for some special TFA goodies - 3 winners will be chosen at random. 1 entry for each FO (2 entries if you’ve chosen a TFA pattern).
To enter the KAL post photos of your WIP’s and FO’s in the Ravelry thread and tag your project MerryTFA2013. I’ll be able to search the tag to get a view of all the projects.
Feel free to use this image as your project photo until you’ve got your own WIP or FO shots to upload.