Monday, 18 November 2013


Last week I delivered an order to my LYS Espace Tricot and while I was there I managed to snag a few goodies for myself! That's always the way, I drop in to do a bit of business and end up leaving with a little treat for myself! It's a win-win if you ask me. 

Pictured above are my new lovely's. They are all fabulous. Would you believe that I've never owned a real project bag? At home my projects are pretty much confined to a few baskets that I have next to my corner of the sofa, but let's be honest, most of the time my knitting is just hanging out on the coffee table all willy nilly. Until now I've been fine with that, but Rowan is starting to look like he could be on the move any day now and I'm getting worried for my knitting! I need a better system. Maybe keeping things safely tucked away in a project bag is the way of the future for me. I'll report back. This one is from Zig Zag Stitches and I really love the colours of the fabric. I'm not 100% convinced that I love a zipper so dangerously mixed up with my knitting, but so far I haven't had any trouble with it. It's a pretty delicate little zipper. The bag is beautifully made, lined with a little pocket on the inside. Great details and made in Canada. Gotta love that!

I also picked up a Lavishea lotion bar and I don't know how I ever lived without it. Oh, I remember, I had dry hands! This product lives up to it's claims of being super fast to absorb and non-greasy. It's definitely a plus if you're working with yarn or fabric, but also if you're just not into that greased up feeling. I never wear greasy, scented lotions, it just doesn't seem right with the baby so often being in my arms. This one smells great, feels great, I'll be picking up a few more the next time I'm in town.

And lastly, the total impulse buy (ok, they were all impulse buys, I was just supposed to be dropping off yarn!) that beautiful skein of Freia Handpainted laceweight yarn in the Grapevine colourway. I have no project in mind for this yarn, I assume it will become a shawl of some sort one day, but it is lovely and I felt compelled to take it home with me.

Do you use a project bag? Do you have a favourite style? Do you use them at home or only when you're out and about with your knitting in tow?