Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Did you know that Chris and I have been out East on holiday for the past 2 weeks? Ha! Aren't I tricky? I planned a few blog posts to go up while we were away so nobody would feel neglected and I was able to almost completely unplug. It was glorious. Like most other years I spent my summer vacation at my family cottage in Nova Scotia doing absolutely nothing. I managed to bring my camera out a few times over the course of our time away, but most of the time I was too busy relaxing to remember to reach for the camera. 

We timed our vacation so we would be out East for my best friends' wedding. Sara and Marcel tied the knot in style. She is gorgeous and they both looked so happy all night long. 

Sara wedding

Another highlight was when my 94 year old Grandmother got to meet her newest great grandchild Annika. Grammy is a G-G (Great-Grammie) to 14 great grandchildren now! Incredible. I love that shot of Annika's plump, wee little hand next to Grammie's beautiful 94 year old skin (Grammie has the softest skin, I don't know what her secret is!) 

Grammy and Annika

And of course, Stella got to meet Annika for the first time too... she was slightly less impressed. She didn't seem to mind her, but I'm not sure she was completely certain of what exactly she was either. I think they'll be best buds soon enough. :)


I hope that you all managed to take some time for yourselves too this summer. My two weeks in paradise were just what I needed. Now it's time to shift gears and start thinking about fall!