Thursday, 30 August 2012

Tonal rainbow

You know how I always talk about colour? How I've clearly found my calling because I love being surrounded by colourful yarn all the time? And sometimes I'm minding my own business in my office when I look over at the drying racks and am completely enamored with the colour combo's that happened to fall into place? Well, Chris does it too. Another reason why I love that guy. The other day he stops in the office and admires the racks and says that he would love to own a striped sweater knit in those colours (I should have taken a picture because I have no idea what colours they were...) and then as I get up to come and admire the colours with him, he says to me: "never mind, you wouldn't get it, it's not a tonal rainbow." 

What!? Is he trying to tell me that I only like colour pairings that make a perfect gradient rainbow!? That's totally banana's. 

And then I started thinking... maybe he's right! Maybe I'm in a rut. I was laying out all of my Green Label aran weight yarn and getting it labeled and boxed up for the K-W Knitter's Fair next week when I noticed that I had lined them up in rainbow formation... 


I had printed out my stickers to label all that yarn and, you guessed it, more rainbow formation...


And last night I started a new sweater. I love it, it's going to be amazing, I don't have a picture of it yet, but it's going to look like this hat, only in cardigan form and, yup, totally blue rainbow formation.

I think I'm going to make it a goal to knit something colourful that is not a tonal rainbow at some point. I seem to have a "thing".