Monday, 7 May 2012

More blue yarn

Kelp Handspun
kelp roving

This is the result of last week's spinning. I hoarded a braid of my favorite hand dyed roving and spun it into this glorious 2-ply yarn. I think it's my favorite skein of handspun yet. I'm going to make myself a really simple slouchy hat with this yarn. 

Kelp Handspun

I've finally taken on the task of turning some of the baby sweaters I've been knitting into "outfits" all set for gifting. I've got a few sweaters stashed away for gifts, and though a knitted sweater is awesome, the cuteness factor is kicked up a notch if said sweater has a pair of matching booties! 


I've hopped on the bootie train and I can't get off. 

So far I've used Saartje's Bootees pattern and the Oh! Baby Baby Booties pattern. Saarje's Booties are adorable because they're so small and cute, but I think that I prefer the second pattern because the booties really seem like they would actually stay on and they kind of look like hip little baby Ugg boots, and while I'm not really into Uggs for adult, I completely approve of the look for babies!

Both patterns were modified to be knit in the round. :)