Sunday, 17 January 2010


Today's post is going to be a little bit random. First up, my new labels.

They are the exact same design as my original labels because though they are simple I still love them, but they have been scaled down. When I started dyeing the multi's I realized that I wanted a thiner label because a wide one wrapped around the center of the skein potentially hid a lot of the excitement in the colourway! So we (by "we" I mean Chris) made me a thinner label. While we were at it I made the executive decision to no longer write all the colourway names by hand, sure it was cute and home-made looking, but sometimes when I had hundreds of labels to write, not only did it take FOREVER, it also risked getting a little bit sloppy... and it's kind of important that the name of the colourway be at least legible. I'm still signing the backs of all the labels, because signatures are allowed to be sloppy!

I'm making my nephew socks for his 3rd birthday. I thought it would be appropriate to make him 3 pairs because to me, that just makes sense. I'm knitting them out of leftover yarn and since toddler's grow so fast and I don't know how big his little feet really are I'm making tube socks. I think that they are really cute. Each sock takes me about 2-2 1/2 hours to knit. A fun little project.

I've been thinking a lot about the Ravelimpics. A big part of me wants to participate, and I can think of lots of very challenging projects that I would love to start and finish in two weeks! I've considered finally finishing my bohus, because I think I'm ready. I've thought about taking the opportunity to dye, spin and knit a sweater, to knit Chris the sweater I've been promising to make him for months! To learn to crochet and to start and finish a crochet project. But in the end, I've decided that I've got so many serious deadlines to face every day that I really don't need a way to work the pressure of a deadline into my casual, relaxing knitting time.

I may change my mind and get wrapped up in the excitement of the Olympics, but for now I'm thinking that I will be a spectator in this years Ravelympics.

That's all for today, I think I'm going to go and finish knitting a tiny little sock now.