Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Prism Leyburns

My first pair of socks for 2010 are officially off the needles! Ok, I swear, I'll stop starting every post with a declaration of a new first for 2010, I think it's getting a little tired. I started these socks before Christmas. I loved the how the colours looked in the skein when I dyed my new Prism colourway, but you never know exactly how it's going to translate once knitted.

At first, I was worried that this colourway might be a little bit too crazy for me. It's certainly bright, it's like a rainbow exploded! Could these socks be too wild? After about 2 seconds of wearing these socks my answer to that question is a resounding "no way!" These socks are like a party for my feet! As soon as I put them on, I can't help but smile.

This pattern never gets old. It's the perfect showcase for variegated yarns. I'm sure I'll be knitting it again soon.

Whenever I knit with multicoloured yarns, I'm always mesmerized by the details. The spots in the pattern where the stitch count changes and the yarn starts behaving differently. The heel, the toe, the gusset.

In the winter when it's too cold to parade around bare footed and show off my brightly painted toe nails, at least I can show off some awesome, happy socks!