Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Yarn from top to bottom

Business is going pretty well for me these days. I've got a steady stream of orders and an endless supply of inspiration and motivation. I'm very excited about the future! What I'm not excited about is the current and future state of my apartment. Bellow we have what used to be my "living room" and is now "the place where I stack 100lb boxes of yarn".

Excuse the mess, but these days, it doesn't really matter how much tidying I do, the place is still overflowing with boxes of yarn. Next, we have what I used to call my bed, but now it's more like "the place where I sort and organize my orders".

I'm not complaining. I hope to be organizing and mailing lots of orders for many years to come if all goes well, however, hopefully I'll be able to find a more suitable place to do it in. My bedroom also currently houses drying racks as well as dyed yarn storage, we're pretty much bursting at the seams with yarn around here. But I love yarn right!? Isn't that why I started doing this in the first place?