Friday, 6 March 2009

February Lady Sweater!

Here I am modeling my February Lady Sweater!

I have such a hard time getting decent modeled shots of my sweaters. You see, I think that the main problem stems from the fact that I live in a loft, there are windows on only one side, so I always end up standing in an awkward place in the middle of my apartment to take my FO shots, so the back ground isn't exactly ideal. Also, I love him, but before I met Chris I don't think he'd ever snapped a photo in his life, so though he's sweet to take these pictures for me, he's not yet the worlds greatest photographer (sorry babe). But at least you can kind of get an idea of how it fits!

I'm very happy with how this sweater turned out. I knit it in TFA Green Label Mallard Colourway and I used 4mm needles even though the pattern called for 5mm's. I knew that even the xxs was going to be too big if I didn't downsize my needles, and I'm glad I did. I ended up using pretty simply wooden buttons that I bought at fabricville. They're simple and lovely and are a nice match for the pattern I think. 

All in all, I call this sweater a success. I'd definitely knit this pattern again, it took about a week of casual knitting and I can definitely see it working in many colours. Maybe my sister would like one in Plum?

Just a note: even though in this last photo it looks like the sleeves are pretty drastically different colours, I'd like to stress that it is not the case in real life! I think it must be the lighting or something...