Monday, 16 March 2009

Purple knits

My Grammy is my knitting role model. She knits pretty much all day, every day. Almost all the knitting she does she gives away, either to her kids, her grand-kids, her great grand-kids or the church. It's amazing. I gave her a couple skeins of my green label yarn thinking that maybe she would knit something for herself with it (what was I thinking!?) but when my mom went to visit her recently she came back with this pair of mitts for me! 

They're my Grape colourway, and they're so nice. Grammy makes the best mitts. I don't know how she does it, but they're always a perfect fit. She's got a real knack for it, I guess that after close to 90 years of knitting mittens you get pretty good at it! 

Next up is my most recent pair of socks. These were cast on right after I perfected my new Blueberry colourway. I loved the colour and wanted to see it knit up right away. These socks are great! The colourway is pretty difficult to photograph, the socks are darker in real life.

The first photo isn't cropped because I thought that the composition was kind of funny. That's me with my pants rolled up to show off my socks, standing on the back of my sofa trying to find the light, and Stella doing her own thing in the background, one of Grammy's mitts is sitting there too, the other fell onto the floor I think!

Here is a more conventional sock shot, I think that the colour near the cuff, where it's less washed out is more accurate. I had kind of planned on not wearing these so that they would be in tip top shape to show off at my booth at the Knitters Frolic... but I put them on to model this morning and can't seem to will myself into taking them off! They're so comfy!