Wednesday, 4 January 2012

TFA January 2012 KAL!


At the stroke of midnight on January 1st we officially kicked off the first Tanis Fiber Arts KAL! It's not too late to sign up, just join the Ravelry group, pick a project that you plan to knit in TFA yarn and sign up in the appropriate group.  

I'm using this KAL as an incentive to knit some of my own patterns. I've already finished one Business Casual sock, knit in Purple Label in the Deep Sea colourway, and I hope to knit at least one Sunnyside baby sweater as well. Since the projects I've chosen are small, I'm giving myself an added mini challenge of finishing one item per week (one sock counts as one item, so I've got two weeks for the pair of socks). So hopefully I'll have at least 4 FO's by the end of the month!

Business Casual Socks - TFA January 2012 KAL

I didn't do an end of year/beginning of the new year wrap up, I always find these big transitional moments a bit overwhelming, but in a good way! I feel the same way in the Spring when I'm all motivated to do some spring cleaning and organize my life, and then in the Fall when I always feel like the year really begins (I guess I still go by the school year calender in my head.) The idea of a clean slate and a fresh start is appealing, and I do like to set goals for myself. I'm not really one for big resolutions, I make the same simple ones every year, to try and be better and make the most of every opportunity in work and in life. I have a good feeling about 2012, I'm not sure why, the number just has a good ring to it. I felt the same way about 1996, nothing momentous happened for me in '96, but I always think of it as having been a really good year... 2012 feels really balanced, I think that's the key. 

2011 was a great year, I knit a lot, designed more than I ever knew I would, and managed to get through my first very exciting year of the TFA Year in Colour Club. Though I didn't make any big new years resolutions, I do have a secret list of goals that I hope to achieve in 2012, and I think that 2011 has set me up very nicely to make it happen. 


  1. Just looking through all of your knits from the year is so inspiring. Kind of makes me think, wow what have I been doing?? Ha ha! I wish I had half of the talent that you do! Love your knits, yarn, and the blog, very inspiring and beautiful. Thanks for sharing! :)

  2. It's funny, I was doing my "I will" list on my blog and made the same comment - I have a good feeling about 2012. If we get everything to think that way, it will happen! Happy New Year.

  3. That's so funny because my girl friends and I have been having really good feelings about 2012, we've been talking about it for months at Knit Night!

    I love when I have one of those "Me too!" moments when I'm reading a blog, it sort of confirms why I read the one's I do :)

    Here's to an amazing 2012 that exceeds all of our expectations!

  4. The fact that you have a secret list of goals makes me smiile! I think we all do ;-) One of mine (which will no longer be a secret) is to knit all the Year in color projects in 2012! It's so exciting! I hope I will be worthy of your club ;-)

  5. 2011 was such a great year for TFA! you had so many gorgeous new designs. That sock looks, awesome, by the way!


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