Tuesday, 19 July 2011

TFA Tuesday: Comodidad

Pattern: Pogona

TFA Yarn and Colourway: Blue Label Fingering Weight in 'Olive'

Top Tier Knitter: Kyla (Ravelry ID)

Totally Awesome Because: Stephen West's shawls are always stunning, and often show off hand dyed and tonal yarns to perfection. This shawl illustrates the point beautifully- the pattern and the yarn are stunning together, Kyla made a spectacular choice. And I love the olive colourway- it always seems a little different each time you look at it, and can even sometimes take on different strengths of the various tones and colours based on your colouring or what you might be wearing. Something about Olive always seems deep and a bit romantic (in a wandering the moor sort of way), perfect for a gorgeous shawl like this. Project page is here.