Thursday, 14 July 2011

My blue garden

Remember this glorious hydrangea shot I shared with you earlier this spring? Well, now the potted hydrangea that lives next to my front door looks more like this:

Hydrangea, old bloom and new.

The new blossoms are a bit lighter and the old blossoms are the most interesting faded shade of green and denim. It's very cool. 

And I am thrilled to report that the hydrangea I planted in my back garden last fall is finally blossoming! When I bought it the petals were that perfect blue/purple shade, but I was told not to get too committed to that colour since they can bloom differently once planted depending on the acidity of the soil. 

Hydrangea that I planted last year finally blossoming!

In an attempt to sway the odds in my direction I tossed fifty cents worth of copper pennies and a couple rusty nails into the hole I dug before I planted the hydrangea. I had read online that it might help to make the soil more acidic, even though it makes me look like a crazy person. 

Hydrangea that I planted last year finally blossoming!

But it seems to be working! The blossoms are blue and purple with just a hint of pink and I am very happy.