Saturday, 19 March 2011

Home office

I love sharing pictures of my home here on the blog. I take a lot of joy and pride in my home. Chris and I love being home owners and especially love putting our stamp on our space. Little by little this house is becoming a true reflection of who we are. There is one space however, that took very little time to become fully ours. The previous owners used this space as a lovely den, but we use it as the office. I can't really explain it, so I'll just share some pics I snapped of it the other day.

This shot was taken from behind my desk, this is where I spend a lot of my time, watching over my yarns. 

The view from my desk

We use this space to:
1) wind yarn from cones into skeins.
2) wind fully dyed skeins into mini skeins for kits.
3) dry the dyed yarn, we put a shower curtain on the floor, turn on the ceiling fan, floor fan, dehumidifier and base board heaters. It works really well! 
4) cut off the extra ties and skein the yarn when it's dry.
5) store all the dyed yarn.
6) label, package and ship all the yarn.

This space is basically TFA central. We do the dyeing in the basement, so dyes are kept down there. Huge boxes of raw yarn are spread between shelves in the garage and the basement. Same goes for the big mailing boxes. Other then that, just about every single thing I use for TFA is in this office. Bags, stickers, printer, paper, notecards, postcards, camera, labels, stella and her dog bed... (she's a must, I couldn't do it without her company!)

The view of my desk

Anyways, all that to say that this space is definitely, 100% ours now. I don't think that there's another room like it in all of Montreal! It's usually jam packed and messy. But it's colourful and cheerful and I love it!

crazy office