Friday, 9 July 2010

weekend plans

This week in Montreal has been impossibly hot. Luckily, we have air conditioning. We thought that we were tough enough to survive without it, and I'm sure that technically we could have, but oh my gosh we are sooooo much more comfortable with it! Unfortunately, the space that we use as our office does not have air conditioning, so I am sitting at my desk, sweating away as I type in our currently 34C office. Not pleasant.

The heat wave isn't all bad, one of our best friends lives down the street and around the corner from us, she has a pool, and she gave us a key! So, in the afternoons, when we just can't take it anymore, we saunter down to Christine's place and jump in the pool for a relaxing cool off swim. We are so spoiled.

This week I finished knitting another Prism Shawl, this time in Blue Label Meadow trimmed with Lemongrass. I am very happy with how it turned out! I particularly like the contrasting colour border. Even though the pattern is very simple I wanted to knit it again to make sure that I had worked out any possible kinks. This weekend I will finally write up the pattern and put it out there for all to enjoy!
I also hope to do a little bit of spinning this weekend. I haven't touched my spinning wheel since we've moved and I feel terrible about that. Seeing as how the Tour de Fleece is happening right now, I feel like I should do something! So, a bit of pattern writing, a bit of spinning, some bbq-ing and some swimming... this weekend is looking good!