Wednesday, 24 February 2010

weekend work

I'm still plugging away at my Sweetheart socks. I'll finish the first one today then I'll try and make sure to at least cast on for the second one right away. I fear that if I take too much of a break between socks I'll never drum up the motivation to subject myself to knitting all those teeny-tiny cables on teeny-tiny needles again! I love the pattern, but my hands are a bit sore.

I decided to give my hands the day off from knitting on Sunday and instead spun up the first third of singles from my Crabby McCrabbypants Sheep 2 Shoe roving. Well, it wasn't exactly a day off, I spun roughly 90g of fibers into the thinest singles I could manage, it took me all day! I literally started at around noon and worked on it until late in the evening, only stopping for supper! So worth it though. The colours are beautiful and my singles are indeed very thin, which will hopefully make for an appropriately thin 3-ply when I'm all done.

Last week I spent another full evening not knitting, and instead ripping out a pretty but neglected sweater. It took longer than I thought it would, but after a couple of hours I had rescued well over a thousand yards of lovely soft grey merino/alpaca/silk yarn.

I have no immediate plans for the yarn yet, but I feel much better not having look at the never worn sweater in my closet every time I get dressed in the morning!