Sunday, 15 November 2009

Weekend visitors

My cousin Michelle and her 2 kids, Abby and Elliot, came to visit us in Montreal this past weekend. We had lots of fun colouring, reading, baking and following Elliot (11 months) around the house. He is fast! As always, Michelle dressed the kids up in style! There were hand knits galore!

Saturday morning we got up and Elliot was sporting this adorable little mountain sweater. I made this sweater for Abby when she was a baby and it's always been one of my favorites. It looks just as good on Elliot!

We took the dogs for a walk in the woods and Abby was keeping her ears warm with a fair isle hat that I made for her last year. She asked her mom how to make a pom-pom last week, I think that's a good sign that she'll be a great knitter one day!

Abby's birthday is in December, but I wanted to see her open her gift this year, so she got to unwrap her Little Miss Greenjeans cardigan a couple weeks early. It fits her perfectly! She's got just enough room to grow into it, so it will last all winter and maybe even into next Fall. Perfect!

Lastly, when they were getting ready to head out today Abby got dressed in this sweater that I made for her last year. Still fits! And those fish buttons are still awesome.

You gotta love kids in hand knits! It was great to spend a weekend with my cousin and her kids, and I love that they get good use out of the things that I've made for them. Before she left Michelle and I went over a very brief knit and purl tutorial. She's knitting her first scarf and is well on her way to becoming a pro. By the time I have kids of my own, maybe she'll be knitting the hand knits that they live in!