Saturday, 24 October 2009

Gypsum Leyburn's

I've finished my second pair of Leyburn socks. They're pink and purple and really pretty.

I'll definitely be knitting more of this pattern. I think I'll take a break for my next pair, but this pattern will for sure be in heavy rotation around here. It's jut so simple yet so perfect. A new favorite. I find the resulting socks super comfortable, which is key, some socks end up looking beautiful, but not fitting as well. This sock fits me exactly how I like. The pattern is supposed to be knit toe up with a short row heel, but I like knitting top down (only because I've never knit toe up) and I prefer a heel gusset, so that's how I made mine.

And just because it's nice to look at, I leave you with a photo of some recently dyed Tussah silk roving. So lustrous, so lovely!