Monday, 28 September 2009

Crazy socks

I've been wanting to knit the super popular Leyburn sock pattern for a while now. I have a couple skeins of multicoloured sock yarn that needed to be matched up to the perfect project, and I think that this is definitely it.

This is BFMA Socks that Rock lightweight in the Seastone colourway (not available at the moment). To tell you the truth, it's a little nuts. Somehow in the photo the sock looks calm, very colourful, but reasonable. In real life they are screaming bright! I think it's the yellow that's a tad overwhelming in this colourway. The blue, green and purple all play together nicely, but the yellow really stands out. It's all good, I think my sister likes to make a statement with her socks, so these may get gifted to her. I've got a couple slightly more subdued skeins of STR in the stash that will make great Leyburns. I think that this is a perfect pattern to yarn pairing. It's so hard to find a good pattern for variegated yarns, this one definitely fits the bill.

Before I could cast on for socks, I had to finish my Flower Girl Cardigan.

And I did! It's lovely and adorable and sparkly and all the things I thought a Flower Girl needed for her big day. My cousin's wedding is this coming weekend, hopefully I'll get some good shots of Abby wearing it.

Happy knitting!