Monday, 14 September 2009

Back from the Fair

This year was my first time attending the Kitchener-Waterloo Knitters Fair, but I'm sure it won't be my last. It's such a great way to spend a Saturday! Surrounded by knitters and yarn and rovings... what could be better?

I won't include too many photo's of my booth, it looked a lot like my booth from the Frolic in April. I did add 2 new components to my display this time, the awesome Lantern Moon basket shelves on the right of this photo, and the "yarn tree" on the left in the photo that is holding all of my lace weight yarn. Chris, mom and I spent a couple hours on a Sunday a few weeks back and built the tree ourselves, it worked out really well! A Christmas tree stand, a PVC pipe, some dowels and a drill were all it took. It made me feel very clever to have made it myself.

My Fiddlehead Mitten Kits were also new to the booth this year. I was shocked by how well they did, I unfortunately sold out way earlier than planned, sorry to everyone who came by looking for them! You can find them in the shop. Another very exciting addition to my collection is an awesome sweater pattern designed specifically for my yarn by the super talented Glenna! I'll do a more in-depth post about the fabulousness of her design another day (it really deserves it's own post!)

Possibly the best part of doing shows like this is the chance to meet all the people who support me and my yarns. It's so great to hear what people think of my work. I met a bunch of people who did the February Lady Sweater Knit-a-long with the Purple Purl and they even brought their finished sweaters along to show me, they all looked great! They are taking a group shot of everyone who participated modeling their finished sweaters next week, and since I won't be able to be there for it I did a mini shoot with Jennifer and Sherry. With the magic of photoshop I think they're going to paste me into the group shot! Awesome. Don't we look great? (and we coordinate so nicely too!)

At the Frolic I hadn't anticipated how busy it would be, and I didn't plan for back-up to come relieve me so I could do important things like take a bathroom break or more important things like shop! This time around I was smarter, I arranged for my cousin to come in for a couple hours and give a hand at the booth so I could walk around and pick up a few goodies. I think I did well and showed restraint, all of my purchases are in this little brown bag:

Tomorrow I'll fill you in on what exactly this brown bag contains! Before I sign off I want to send out a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by my booth to shop and say hi. And I have to thank my awesome mom who basically ran the show for me. She's the best and without her help I wouldn't know what I was doing.