Wednesday, 17 June 2009


I started a new project last week, Brooklyn tweed's Girasole. I'm knitting it in Cascade Eco Wool, and everything about it so far is fantastic. I just love it, the pattern, the yarn, definitely a match made in heaven. It's my first time knitting with Eco Wool but it's become a fast favorite, I'm already planning fall sweaters to knit with it. I finished my last blanket in just over 2 years, but this one I'm hoping to crank out in much less time. It's more like knitting a big chunky shawl, and with all the different lace patterns, there's always something to look forward to. In less than a week I've knit through one entire 250g skein of Eco Wool and have started on my second (the photo's were taken while I was still on the first skein.) Most of the time it just looks like a big beige blob.

But every once in a while when I stop to stretch out the fabric and admire the beautiful petals that are forming I get really excited.

I'm still working on a couple other projects, a simple pair of socks, a graphic lacy scarf, but this big boy has really captivated my interest, so unfortunately for you, there's going to be a lot of beige on the blog for the next little while. Don't worry though, in order to spice things up, I've got a couple surprise give-aways planned!