Sunday, 25 January 2009

I miss my buttons

Voila! A finished object that I've been planning to blog about for over a month now! I'm on a role! So, here we have the drops jacket, knit in Elann Peruvian Sierra Aran in the Atlantis colourway. I knit this in just under two weeks in December, a really fast and fun project. I got a lot of wear out of it around the holidays, it's just the thing you want to throw on with a pair of jeans. The colour is rich and jewel toned, the yarn is soft and warm with just enough wooly/alpaca fuzziness, and the shape is flattering yet casual. A real hit!

I'm not sure how exactly the collar is supposed to fit, mine kind of just sits there, but I like it. I found the nicest purple wood buttons at the Purple purl when I was in Toronto last weekend (such a great store by the way! And they carry my yarn too, which makes them the best!) I had different buttons on this sweater before, it was such a fast knit that I was done and eager to wear it, so just sewed on some buttons that I had even though they were only going to be temporary. I love how these wooden buttons finished off the sweater. They're special, but simple and rustic/casual too, a perfect fit for this sweater. I thought the colour of the wood really complimented the colour of the yarn... but alas, I only got to wear my perfect finished sweater long enough to take the FO photo's before I had to rush off to work, in my haste I left my beloved sweater with perfect buttons on the couch, and when I came home from work the buttons had all mysteriously been chewed off. Stella really got an ear-full from me! At least she was smart enough not to harm any of the knitting, just just neatly chewed off the buttons and then left the sweater as is. So, I guess that my hunt for more perfect buttons continues... Buttons really can make or break a project. I think I may be developing a need/desire for a button stash.

This photo doesn't really do the late purple buttons justice, just trust me, they were breathtaking in real life.

Enough about buttons, now on to socks. I seem to have inadvertently started a tradition where I knit Chris a pair of socks over the Christmas holidays. There's always so much going on during the holidays and I need a small, easy, portable project to work on while I'm enjoying time with friends and family, socks are just the thing! And since Chris's birthday is on January 4th, knitting him socks over the holidays usually results in a birthday present done just on time! Here is this year's Christmas/birthday socks.

They're knit with On Line supersocke in colour 1060, it's not really my colours, all that mustard and orange, but Chris thinks they're just great, so everyone's happy!