Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Rowan giggles his way through the Purple Purl

Two Friday's ago Chris, Rowan and I made a trip to Toronto to visit family, friends and the Purple Purl! The Purple Purl has been a huge friend and supporter of TFA since the beginning. I get to visit with the lovely owners, Jen and Miko, when I do shows in the GTA, but those visits are crazy and chaotic, it was so nice to get to sit with them for an evening and enjoy the warm and friendly ambiance of their little shop at a more relaxed pace. 

Here is our evening in photos. Lots of friendly knitters came out to knit with us. Lots of lovely ladies cooed and made faces at Rowan, and man, did Rowan ever love it! He spent the entire time we were there lapping up all the attention and laughing at how incredibly hilarious he finds Jen. It obviously helps that the Purl is very baby friendly. As soon as we arrived Miko grabbed Rowan and set up a little play zone for him, check out that awesome blanket he got to play on! And those toys, they are way better equipped in the toy department then I am. If I lived in Toronto, I think that I would go to the Purple Purl to have Rowan "babysat" more often then I should. This kid just loves yarn shops. It's amazing. 
In the above photo Rowan is blurry because he is going crazy with laughter! Jen was shaking the vase that contained names for the TFA draw and he could not control himself. If he could stand, he would have doubled over. Adorable. 

And of course, I couldn't leave without some yarn. 
A super giant, beautiful skein of Malabrigo Rasta in Piedras which has already become a cowl. 
Some Turtlepurl self striping sock yarn in Burberry to knit some high class socks for Chris. 

I wish that I had taken a photo of the delicious beverage they made for me at the Purple Purl. They are a café too ya know. It was a Purly Fog (borrowed from Starbuck's London Fog, but I'll always think of it as a Purple Fog, much cuter). I have become addicted and now make one for myself every afternoon. Will share the recipe soon!