Friday, 6 December 2013

Fashion Friday - Pink Pout

Psst. The winner of the Journey e-book giveaway is… Katherine K. aka: 1martinigirl. Thanks to all who entered!

Featured Knits: Prism Shawl and Monkey Socks
Yarn: TFA Superwash Merino Roving in prism for handspun shawl (occasionally available on Etsy) and TFA Blue Label in Orange Blossom

I can't wear red lipstick. Lord knows I've tried. I love the look on other people, especially if the bright red lips are paired with a neutral outfit, it's just so incredibly chic. But I'm just not comfortable in the look myself. I've accepted that. On the bright side, I am incredibly comfortable in hot pink! I have a new favourite lip product, it's Magic Moroccan Green Lipstick and it really is magic. In the tube it is green, you swipe it on your lips and it feels like a balm, not a gloss or a heavy lipstick, and it tints/stains your lips your own custom pink colour. Magic right!? The way I understand it it's some sort of magical henna that reacts with your body temperature and ph level to create the perfect pink for you. Crazy and amazing. What I love about a stain like this is that I can sip coffee, kiss my baby, my dog, or heck, even my husband if the mood should strike, and the colour doesn't budge. I've barely worn anything beyond a lip balm since Rowan was born because I don't want to leave glossy lip prints all over his pretty little head. 

For today's post I experimented with taking my own portrait in the mirror. Not easy, but fun. Chris was busy dyeing sparkly yarn so I had to figure this out myself. The best shot of the bunch is of course the one where I'm all blurry in the background and the camera is in focus. Don't you think the coloured lips make a difference? The second to last shot has bare lips, fine, but missing something right?

This outfit is a very good example of what you might find me wearing if you were to stop by unannounced. Jeans, a casual top, hand knit socks (I wear exclusively hand knit socks almost every single day between October and April) and likely either a hat or a scarf/shawl. I have this weird thing about having a bare neck, which would explain why I love turtlenecks so much. Having something warm on the back of my neck makes me feel like my whole body is warm. A naked neck and I'm freezing. I wear my handspun Prism shawl all the time. It's small, more of a shawlette really, and the colours are so pretty, it completes any outfit. And those Monkey's, Ravelry tells me I made them in 2008, they are still looking great! The shawl was knit in 2010, so these knits are both tried and true and holding up incredibly well considering the amount of wear they get.