Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Iris Patina Socks

Pattern: Patina Socks by me!
Yarn: TFA Blue Label Fingering Weight yarn in Iris.
Ravelry project page here

My Iris Patina socks are all finished and have been stashed away in the sock drawer. These may get gifted as I already have a pair of Patina socks in the TFA Club's March Patina colourway. However these socks are kinda super, so I may not be able to part with them. There may come a day when I no longer feel like knitting socks and I'll be glad that I've amassed a life time supply of hand knit socks while I've still got a taste for them. 

I've already discussed this pattern and that I'm very pleased with it. I think that it makes for a really well fitting pair of socks and there are lots of little details that I love. The slipped stitches down the sides give me a thrill. They stand out so beautifully, each stitch a different colour. I'm also really happy with how the Iris colourway knit up. I prefer semi-solid yarns for most of my knitting projects. Multi's and variegated yarns are so gorgeous in the skein but often result in frustrating pooling and are unpredictable. Chris and I have worked hard to develop colourways that have lots of dynamism and interest, look beautiful in the skein, have unexpected colours AND knit up nicely. No small challenge! I think that we're getting somewhere because the colours in these socks really sing. Yes!