Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Watercolour Baby Sweater

Watercolour Blank Canvas Baby Sweater

Another languishing WIP finished! It feels really great to be cleaning out my knitting basket. 

Watercolour Blank Canvas Baby Sweater

This little sweater, my Blank Canvas Baby Sweater pattern (free!) knit up in leftover bits of sock yarn in only the prettiest, watercolour tones, turned out exactly how I'd dreamed it would. I'm completely crazy about it. I'm really glad that I waited for that extra little bit of purple to be leftover after my last Clara dress to knit the sleeves. I think they needed the light pinky-purple, otherwise it would have been too much blue. 

These blue-green-purple shades are totally me, I wish I had this exact sweater in my size!

Ravelry project page here