Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Travelling Woman Shawl

What a perfect quick and easy shawl pattern. I knit this Travelling Woman shawl in 3 days of casual knitting, using one skein of yarn.

Travelling Woman Shawl in Velvet

As I was knitting this I wasn't sure that I was going to love the results. The shawl increases on both sides, at a quicker than I'm used to pace. Most of the shawls that I've been knitting end up looking somewhat like equilateral triangles, but this one is much more elongated, making for a long and narrow shawl. As soon as I was finished the knitting and the blocking and I got the chance to wrap this shawl around my neck I immediately fell in love with the long and narrow scarf like shape. I always wear my shawls wrapped around my neck like a bandana, or a scarf, with the point in the front, so this shawl, with it's long arms really works for me.

I knit this shawl exactly as written, except that I did 3 repeats of chart A (instead of 2, because I had plenty of yarn). My shawl is 58"wide and 15"deep.

Travelling Woman Shawl in Velvet

The yarn, my new cashmere blend sock yarn (look for it to debut at the Frolic!) lived up to every hope and expectation that I had for it. It's soft, it's velvety, it's luscious and is perfect for this type of item worn nuzzled up around your throat and face. Definitely results in something that you want to snuggle up with, so beware knitting socks with it lest you end up curled up in a ball, hugging and petting your socks!

Travelling Woman Shawl in Velvet

This colourway is called Velvet, it will be available in my shop soon.