Monday, 25 January 2010

Handspun BSJ

I'm repeating photo's again... is that a bad thing to do in a blog?

Here's the roving I started with:

Whispers in the wind colourway by dkknits. Back in July I spun it into 270yds of roughly dk weight yarn:

And this weekend I knit it into my first handspun baby surprise jacket. This is an awesome pattern for using a single skein of handspun yarn. This colourway is so multifaceted when it's knit up into simple garter stitch. The colours and tones seem to fluidly change in every stitch.

Garter stitch has the amazing ability to make what seemed like glaring mistakes in the skein of yarn to look like intentional hand made charm. It hides all flaws. Which is exactly what I need, my handspun is still far from perfect!

This little sweater is still missing buttons, but that's not a problem because I don't have a recipient for it yet. It will just sit in my "knitted gifts" drawer until someone I know and love has a baby that needs to be gifted a handspun sweater and then I'll go searching for buttons!