Monday, 31 March 2014

Keyfit Baby Blanket

Happy Monday everyone! So, last week I announced that the collection of patterns for baby boys that I've been working on for over a year now was finally finished and available for all to knit and enjoy! Well, this week I hope you'll indulge me in a little more in-depth chit chat about the four patterns that make up the Lucky Penny Baby collection. It is Rowan's first birthday on Friday, so I'm very much feeling the need to go through photos from the year and share some memories. And man, do I have a lot of photos of this kid and his knits. Let me tell ya! 

All of the patterns featured in the collection are available for purchase individually, or as part of the collection. 

Also - I designed these patterns with my son in mind and will frequently refer to them as "for baby boys" but don't for a second think that they wouldn't be just as awesome for little girls! They are totally unisex. 

Baby Rowan was only 7 months old in this photo! He was so excited throughout this shoot. This shot was supposed to be just to test for light. I snapped about 8 photos of him displaying off the charts levels of enthusiasm. They are hilarious!
Keyfit Baby Blanket


It is my experience that one can never, ever have too many baby blankets. I use them in the car seat, in the stroller, in the crib now that baby is older, as decoration over the back of a chair, as a peek-a-boo toy! You name it! Baby blankets are truly a labour of love and seeing as it is something that the baby will never outgrow, it is perfect heirloom knitting. A gift that the baby in your life will cherish forever. This bright, graphic design was inpired by the colour palette of my son’s nursery. It’s modern, crisp and fresh.

It seems appropriate to start "Rowan week" by featuring the Keyfit Baby Blanket pattern since it was the first design that I completed for this collection over a year ago. This was one of those designs that came together very quickly. My mom and I sewed all the bedding for Rowan's nursery (more on all that fun here) and when I picked out this fun polka dot chevron fabric for the bed skirt I loved it so much and found the colour palette so inspiring that I immediately played with my TFA colourways and put together a Palette to match. Which, incidentally, is now available as one of my TFA Palette kits!
I had been thinking about this particular triangle and diamonds graphic pattern for a while. I pinned an image on pinterest featuring this design ages ago. I couldn't get it out of my head and a baby blanket was the perfect place to use it. 
This blanket requires lots of seaming. The panels are knit first using intarsia, in big blocks of colour. You're only ever working with two colourways at a time. Don't let that scare you! A little bit of seaming is so worth it. Watching it all come together as you sew it together is all part of the fun. 
Rowan has lots of knit baby blankets, we love them all and they are all special, but this is the one that he wrapped himself up in and rolled around on my bed in, which resulted in me getting the above shot which is one of my favourites of all time, so to me, this blanket will always be a little extra special.