Tuesday, 20 August 2013

TFA Tuesday - Blue Skies


Top Tier Knitter: Carolynh
Pattern: Cerus Scarf by Hilary Smith Callis
Yarn: TFA Blue Label in Natural, Midnight and Cobalt.

This scarf is especially neat for two reasons; the first is that this clever knitter took a lovely linen stitch scarf pattern and turned it 90 degrees to make the stripe sequences run bottom to top rather than side to side. Second, the stripes are asymmetrical, gotta love asymmetrical knits that don't follow the rules! And third (I know, I said there were only two reasons but really there are three!) the third and most cool thing about this scarf is that it was knit for a really interesting project that paired Canadian knitters with Canadian authors, challenging the knitter to create a knit that reflected a given book. Read more about the FictionKNITsta project here, and see this scarf in action at an event here