Wednesday, 1 May 2013

5th times the charm

I'm knitting a Gramps cardigan for Rowan. It's such a quick, awesome knit that last night I cast on and made it almost to the point where I was ready to divide for the sleeves when I realized that I had made a mistake and had to rip back the entire thing. The crazy thing is this is the FIFTH time that I've knit this pattern and I do believe that every single time I do I make the same mistake. The sweater is knit from the top down, you increase at the raglan markers and along the front to make a v-neck... I never remember the front increases! I can't believe it. I need to triple underline and highlight that instruction in the pattern. 

I'm knitting Rowan's Gramps out of leftover skeins from Chris' Brownstone pullover. Actually, I can't be entirely sure that this yarn is leftover from that project, it looks like it, but it's been lingering in the stash for so long that I can't quite remember! Either way, it's lovely and Rowan will look terrific in this shade. :)