Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Pretty New Toys

While shopping for my *almost here* new niece or nephew I spotted a very cool toy. It's more of a pretty objext than a toy, though maybe it's really fun for babies to play with, for me, it's just really fun to look at!
New toy!
Just a bunch of beautifully colourful wooden balls on a string. I've been admiring it all week. It's such a nice change from all the loud plastic toys I've been seeing. So simple. 

Ever since we brought Stella home with us I've kept my eyes open for whippet paraphernalia. I don't plan on having whippet art and whippet statues all over the house, but one nice whippet bookend does the job nicely. It's been very hard to find just the right thing, greyhound stuff is easier to come across, but finding something that was as soft and pretty as Stella has been tough. This guy is definitely more muscular than our petite girl, but he's still pretty. :)
Stella new buddy
Stella keeping a close eye on her new buddy.

I love my new Stella bookend.