Thursday, 8 March 2012

Yarn House

I spent a good part of the day on Tuesday taking yarn portraits. This is my super pro set up:

Photo station

It involves a dining room table, an empty flower pot, a piece of white bristol board, piles and piles of yarn and *hopefully* really good natural light streaming in the sliding glass doors at the end of the dining room. Today I got lucky, the photo's came out really well, the yarn all looks great. What do you think?

Orange Label Chestnut

Lovely right? The yarn that I was photographing is a new base... it's amazing and I love it and I'll be sharing all the details very soon!

I've been thinking long and hard about some changes that I want to make to my office. I need more yarn storage, however it's quite difficult to plan since piles of yarn are always coming in and going out. It's never constant! Every single day we dye yarn, I organize it, put it in piles and label it, then ship it out. At the beginning of the day the shelves may be empty, then they fill up, then they empty again, it's impossible to keep track of. I don't really mind since I love being surrounded by piles of yarn, and it's kind of fun to have an ever changing decor. 

the view from my desk

Above was the view from my desk last week, below was the view this morning. I set up a small shelving unit that I'm going to put in my closet to store packaging materials and labels, but I have to clean out the closet first... so while the shelving unit is sitting in the middle of the room you better believe it's gonna get filled with yarn! Now all that yarn has been labeled and bagged, ready to be shipped, and the shelves now house a new assortment of colourful skeins. Things are never dull around here!

the view from my desk